Is Giving part of your Marketing Plan?

Donna Bender is the Leader of a Circle of GIVE-ologists TM, who approach business differently. They have proven that you can build a meaningful, fun, and profitable business by GIVING, with no strings attached.
Her mission has always been to provide creative solutions to help Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, and Marketers build their brands, whether finding the perfect gifts to give to show client appreciation or the right branded products to use to stand out from their competition.


I am very passionate about the importance of nurturing and building relationships to grow your business without feeling like you're selling

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Show & Tell

A Free event to show you the top trends to think about for Gift Giving. Everyone is welcome whether you want me to help you find the gifts or you want to find them on your own, the trends are the same

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Gift Catalog

We've taken the very best and most often requested product types and placed them in easy-to-use showrooms designed for your needs 

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Marketing Strategy Session

I have always believed in a "wholistic" approach to marketing---  What does that mean? There are so many forms of marketing, that all play an important role in the success and growth of a business. I enjoy sharing valuable information to help my clients, business associates, and colleagues build their businesses that goes beyond branded marketing.

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