Do you remember

when you were in kindergarten, and it was your turn for Show and Tell?

I remember announcing that my mother was pregnant with my younger brother, and she had not told anyone yet!!

Just like I did back then, I am spilling the beans...this time about gifts!


When it comes to branding, I am often asked…” Is it OK to put my logo on my client gifts? What are the best-branded products for giveaways to stand out from my competition?”

I believe both branded giveaways AND gifts play an important role in marketing, building relationships and growing your business.  The secret is being clear about the difference, so you feel confident knowing exactly what to give each time.

On June 27th, @ 1:00 pm CST I am having my next Show and Tell where I will show you great branded giveaways and gifts to brand your company as you build your business, (and that won’t break the bank)

Everyone is welcome whether you want to find them on your own or want to dive deeper with my assistance.

I am so excited to share amazing products, suggestions, and ideas with you. 

Grab a front seat….. it will be a fun Show & Tell with Live Q & A on Zoom—